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Project Masterpiece

by Aadland Pipe Organ Co.

I personally guarantee the Aadland Pipe Organ to be of the highest quality in the industry, both in materials and workmanship. We stand behind our new pipe organs with the longest and most inclusive warrantees in the industry, and have done so for more than 34 years. I welcome you to study our web site and call about having us give an on site demonstration at your church. May God bless you in all your music decisions, both short and long term. I also wish you the very best as you consider difficult decisions, which take serious committment toward fund raising efforts in order to achieve excellence and the true spirit of the "First Fruits" of your liturgical committment.

------ Art Aadland

Project Masterpiece is a program sponsored by Aadland Pipe Organ Co. which offers discount incentives to churches in the Sioux Falls regional area to allow Aadland PIpe Organ Company to showcase their new finely crafted instruments.

With this program, any church that would like to place a new Aadland "Masterpiece" pipe organ in their sanctuary will get a substantial discount off of the market price in trade for allowing Aadland Pipe Organ Company to use their church as one of their occasional APOC demonstration sites for a limited time after the new organ is installed.

This program will only be available for 30 months, starting with August, 2009. Contracts under this program are limited and will be on a "first call" / "first serve" basis, with the most aggressive discounts available to churches that sign a contract within the first 15 months of the program.

Project masterpiece can be extended to other regional areas as well. Please contact us if your church is in the Denver or Twin Cities regional areas and if you are interested in the program. In fairness to all potential customers, we are obligated to offer similar programs to other regional areas, though cost to benefit ratios have to be considered. Churches need to be located in areas where we do business or in areas in which there is a potential for a significant amount of business in order for this program to benefit us.

Project masterpiece is intended to showcase organs with a higher level of artistry and ornate detailing than most of those shown on the Aadland Pipe Organ Co. web site. Additionally, the proposed instruments will be pristine (no re-incorporated pipework unless such pipework is formally requested by the congregation; approved by Art Aadland and is of very exacting standards). All organs under this program will also feature very high levels of external refinement, as well as very high levels of internal refinement. All organs under this program will also feature all of the stability detailing and all of the service access efficiency detailing that has been developed by Aadland Pipe Organ Co. over the past 35 years.

If you or your fellow church members are interested in this program, please contact us by the contact link on the web site or by calling (605) 757-6156 (shop) and/or (605) 757-6502 (office and residence)

Thought to consider:

Many churches virtually never achieve excellence in the purchase of a church organ because they set their expectations very low to avoid conflict with other church members. The purchase of a new sanctuary instrument is something that happens only once in a life time. You may think that you will lose a few friends or ruffle a few feathers when you really push for excellence, and this may be true in the very short term. However, 10 years down the road, fellow parish members will thank you that you cared enough about quality to push hard for something that endures for generations; fills the air with a sound that is both rich and full; and provides an inspiration of complelling motivation to sing, not only for you and your most musical friends, but also for the entire congregation ------ "raising the roof" with inspired praises to God.

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