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A brief gallery of organs designed and built by Aadland Pipe Organ Co.

Most of the Aadland organs shown below have many more stability and durability features than those found on elite high artistry pipe organs built by much larger companies. Of course, the Aadland instruments (shown below), are also prepared for much higher levels of artistry than they currently exhibit, and the opportunity to do this is available to these churches as part of a phase II expansion option.

Though many of the organs represented are Phase I presentations, (which are prepared for Phase II additions with advanced levels of artistry), we think that you may enjoy some of the frontal designs shown in these photos, where form is an enhancement of proper tonal function.

The organs shown below were custom built for churches as indicated to the right of each photo.

This Aadland organ at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Absarokee, MT (in the Rosebud Valley, north of Yellowstone Park) is an extra large 10 rank pipe organ with more organ pipes than some 15 rank organs. This organ is unique in a number of ways. First, it incorporates a very large seven rank tracker action wind chest that was originally built by Art Aadland's father, Rev. A.O. Aadland. The incorporation of this wind chest into the organ involved the building and installation of a digitally activated slider motor servo control system and German engineered pull down solenoid systems. It also involved the design and construction of a 12-note extension wind chest for all seven of the ranks and the laminating and construction of an all new toe board, slider and rack board system.

Also, this organ's assembly and installation involved thousands of hours of work by church member volunteers, who built an all new organ chamber into the steeple of the church and assisted Art Aadland with a myriad of assembly and installation tasks. The organ is presented by a solid oak playing façade of 85 principal pipes, with air cushion channeling and inter-locking structural finger joints. A total of 8 façade wind chests and five additional organ chamber wind chests, all with air cushioned valve control design, give the entire organ optimal speech and voicing characteristics.

This Aadland organ at Congregational UCC in Mitchell, SD features an "in cabinet" air flow system to eliminate auxilliary ductwork and allow all portions of the exposed great divison to operate on the exact same wind pressure. The organ casework also features "lift out" removeable panels for efficient service access. All main wind chests in this organ are designed and built with climate resistive engineering.
This Aadland organ at Grace Lutheran Church of Westbrook, MN is prepared for a Phase II expansion which would include a surround casework that would be artistically designed to "frame in" and enhance the exposed principal display pipes, and further unify the sound of the principal chorus. Like other Aadland pipe organs, this organ also features the extra large swell shutter system for free flowing air circulation. This entire organ is designed and built with climate resistive engineering. This is the second computerized orchestral pipe organ built by Aadland Pipe Organ Co.
This Aadland built playing facade, designed and built by Aadland Pipe Organ Co. for St Teresa Catholic Church of Beresford, SD is a maximum "floor to ceiling" air circulation design which promotes maximum egress and constant temperature equalization. This entire organ is installed with temperature differential control engineering.
This Aadland organ at Sillerud Lutheran Church near Balaton, MN (with a "floating style" exposed division casework) draws attention to the cross and at the same time promotes good forward projection of the great principal and flute stops. Additionally, this exposed division allows maximum egress of the swell division, which is discretely installed behind the velvet curtain with a three dimentional swell shutter system. This entire organ is designed and built with climate resistive engineering.
The Aadland organ at New Hope Lutheran Church in Comfrey, MN. This organ features a "bass octave resonance cabinet" to promote a richer and more full bodied foundation to the principal chorus by the use of open wood bass pipes. This organ also features an expansive expressive tone opening and incorporates a large number of romantically voiced pipes, incorporated from the former Bennett organ, but upgraded and retrofitted with advanced stability features.
This compact nine rank tracker organ built for the Allmon residence in Eden Prairie, MN features free reed pipes in the bass of the salicional rank to allow the organ to be installed under a 9' ceiling. This entire nine rank organ takes less floor space than a concert grand piano.
This Aadland organ built for Atonement Lutheran Church of Boulder Colorado is installed inside a pentagonal organ chamber for good non-biased sound development. This is the first high stability computerized orchestral pipe organ built by Aadland Pipe Organ Co. The organ thus has solo combination reed stop development with infinately programable upper harmonics (limited only by the numbers of octaves and ranks of pipes available). Phase II will include a solid oak encased exposed division with a high level of artistry. This entire organ is designed and built with climate resistive engineering.

This is an Aadland built five rank ariculative division installed at Salem Lutheran Church of Jackson, MN. It features a solid oak climate resistive engineered holzgedecht rank, an articulative principal chorus, and an articulative three rank mixture to give better tonal and rhythmical definition; thus providing improved leadership abilities to an organ that formerly contained only romantic pipework. This entire expansion division is designed and built with climate resistive engineering.

This Aadland built organ console which is part of the Aadland pipe organ at First Lutheran Church in Volga, SD is built of 325 pieces of tripple select hardwood with multi-dimentional climate resistive engineering features. In addition to scores of advanced quality features, this entire console is designed and built with the "five minute" rule, which means that all functional components and wiring junctions must be accessible within five minutes, without removal or uprooting of any cabling or adjacent components. The Aadland organ at First Lutheran in Volga, SD is the third computerized orchestral pipe organ built by Aadland Pipe Organ Co.
This Aadland organ console, which is part of the Aadland organ at New Hope Lutheran Church of Comfrey, MN, boasts all of the features that are present in the First/Volga console, but done in a natural oak finish, rather than a dark oak finish. This organ console is prepared for a major expansion of the organ, which would be done during a Phase II addition.
This view of the Aadland "toungue tablet" style organ console at Sillerud Lutheran Church of Balaton, MN was a picture taken after the organ console had more than 12 years of use. The cherrywood stop panels feature solid pecan hickory surrounds and oak and cherrywood terracing as well. The entire pedalboard is edged with solid hickory edging to protect against long term splintering and abrasion.

was founded in Sioux Falls, SD in 1971 by Art Aadland and Established in Valley Springs, SD in 1972 by Art and Ellen Aadland

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