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Aadland Pipe Organ Co. has been a family business for more than 35 years (founded in South Dakota in 1971 and established in Valley Springs, SD in autumn of 1972).

The organ building and instrument restoration shop of Aadland Pipe Organ Co. is located at 306 Jackson Street, immediately south of the Valley Springs City Hall and Library building.

The 3000 square foot historic cement block building, which houses the Aadland Pipe Organ Co. organ building shop, has two double insulated frontal garage door entrances for loading and unloading plus a small entry door on the south side. The entire building is climate controlled and all windows are either triple glazed or have interior plastic sheeting to reduce infiltration of outside humidity during the summer months.

Art and Ellen have spent over 32 years in the advanced development and refinement of climate resistive engineering and temperature differential control engineering in every aspect of their pipe organs. This along with service access efficiency engineering has produced instruments which lead the industry in tuning stability, improved performance reliability and reduced maintenance requirements.

All of the stability engineered Aadland pipe organs, since the first fully developed one (built in 1986) have saved congregations hundreds of dollars each year in tuning costs alone because of the ability of these instruments to withstand radical seasonal changes with respect to indoor relative humidity without substantially affecting tuning and voicing sensitivities within these instrument(s).

Art and Ellen Aadland have a 34 year legacy of providing and maintaining the longest and most inclusive pipe organ warrantee in the industry and are the only organ building company (to our knowledge) in North America that guarantees tuning and voicing reliability to high seasonal and yearly standards within specified levels of criteria.

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was founded in Sioux Falls, SD in 1971 by Art Aadland and Established in Valley Springs, SD in 1972 by Art and Ellen Aadland

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